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dog Names: guinness

Guinness is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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American Staffordshire Terrier

This is our second pitbull rescue. Guinness was housed in a kennel for 2 years before we got him. He started as a foster dog but we fell in love with him and couldn't think of parting with him. He is full of personality that some would refer to as the Napolian complex . He tends to not be a morning dog and hates to out in the rain causing him to get the least bit wet. Guinness loves to snuggle, gives kisses and loves to get kisses along with ear scratches. His daddy has nick named him g-bug while momma calls him captain pickles. Toys are a big problem for Guiness as he isn't fond of sharing or letting go. He loves his brother Elliott.


Adopted from the Humane society. She is a Rotty mix, not sure what she is mixed with, but she is the size of a small female lab. She is very friendly, just cant get over the whole jumping on new people...