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dog Names: hazel

Hazel is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Hazel? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Pit Bull Terrier
Labrador Retriever
Basset Hound

Hi there! I'm Hazel, and I think it's important you know that looks can be deceiving. I'm not a sad girl, and I only indulge in naps on occasion. I was my daddy's birthday present this year! Turning 27 has its perks, obviously... I don't think presents are supposed to be as much work as I am, but I'm worth it.

I live with my daddy and my Uncle Gabe in Onalaska, Wisc. I'm super excited because we're moving soon, and at the new house, I'll have a yard all my own to romp in! Right now, I get most of my exercise at the dog park and Grandma and Grandpa Nugent's house. I love Grandma cause she gives me treats. Grandpa is good at cuddling. I live for the weekends, cause that's when mommy visits!

In my free time, which is all of the time, really, I like: having my belly rubbed (it feels like a piglet, so I'm told), laying on stuff (especially dirty laundry) and making strange noises (snorts, wheezes and the occasional toot, too). I'm working on my hound dog bay. My voice is getting pretty loud, but my bark is definitely not as bad as my sharp little puppy bite.

I love to go on walks! When I'm out and about, my favorite thing is picking up sticks from one yard and moving them the to the next. Yes, your neighbors would probably hate me, but I'm just trying to live the dream - my greatest aspiration is to open my own business! "Hazel's stick removal service, at your service!" Mommy and daddy are just glad I don't specialize in poo removal, if you catch my drift...

As long as we've covered likes, here's what really gets my grumpy face (see photos) going: baths, when daddy says "no" real loud, being woke up from a good nap (again, see photos), and when people/dogs/bicycles/cars and anything else that moves/is living passes me without saying hi. My personal goal is to become the only dog in the entire world to meet and be pet by all of the people in the entire world. Achievable, I think.

If you think I'm cute, let me know! ()'.'() Love, Hazel