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dog Names: hearty

Hearty is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Miniature Dachshund

Hearty is a black and tan Piebald Dachshund. He's white with black spots and ticking and has black and tan markings like a Beagle on his face. He was named Hearty because he has a heart-shaped spot on each shoulder and one on his back that looks like a child might have drawn it. He lives up to his name. He is so loving that I call him Romeo a lot. His wife, Cheyenne, is a cream and white Piebald Dachshund that he adores tremendously. He loves to run and explore our 27 acres, usually bringing home turtles (that mommy has to relocate in other woods in the area). If you want a breed that is loving and entertaining, I recommend getting 2 Dachshunds. You wont be disapointed.