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dog Names: hooch

Hooch is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Hooch? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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When the police took him away they said he was somekind of Mastiff. Why did the police take him away? You'll find out in a minute.
Meet Hooch, this is the dog that Taco's first owner started out dogsitting for the people who adopted him but then decided she wanted him. Taco's owner replaced all Taco's stuff with stuff for this dog that was too big for a Chihuahua. The puppy would have replaced Taco completely if the lady hadn't decided that a puppy was too much of a mess for her and tried to get rid of the pup online. She had also decided at this time to become an animal free home so it was shortly after that I got Taco. So she put the dog up online and the police saw it and took the pup away because she was supposed to have a license to own the breed. According to what the lady said later the police said that the shelter should never have adopted Hooch out, instead the shelter was supposed to have put him down. I'm not sure what happened to Hooch after that. Unlike Boo and Taco I'm not sure if he lived or died, but from what the lady said the police told her it doesn't sound like little puppy Hooch's story had a happy ending.
Hooch was a very sweet, normal puppy. He was very into the chewing of hands when I met him but I've had a lot of puppy and kitten experience so it didn't really bother me. Hooch was very people friendly and he liked other dogs but Taco hated him and ever since Hooch has hated all big dogs. Hooch was also very playful but didn't yet understand what he was being asked to do when he was taken outside. He would look up at the person telling him what to do and then walk over to them or go play with something instead. A few times my grandmother picked him up and gently tossed him into the grass and all he did was flop into it. Then he would just lay down and be happy. His birthdate here is only an estimate.
No matter what happened to Hooch his memory will live on.
Because of dogs like Hooch and other animals I am working on a book called Animals in the Shelters. The book is about both animal cruelty and animal rescue. It is being published by A & M Moonlight Creations. The current hompage for A & M Moonlight Creations is Animals in the Shelters is expected to be released in 2013. If you are interested in this book keep watch on the website, and/or the facebook pages (A & M Moonlight Creations and Jennifer Priester), or twitter page. The links to the facebook and twitter pages can be found on the website. Also on the website in the meet the anipals section listed under meet the author, you can meet other animals that will be in this book.