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dog Names: hoshi

Hoshi is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Miniature Schnauzer

Hoshi is the dog I adopted in 2007. Can you believe his original name was "Timbo-Rucci"?! He started out not really knowing much of anything except the command "goto your place." He was bushy too. I guess they had him brushed, but didn't have them trim his hair. He looked like he hadn't been trimmed in a 6 months. He was so clueless. He walked out into our big back yard and he didn't know what to do with himself. He just sat there.

So I trimmed him gradually myself. It was difficult. He didn't want his belly or paws touched. It took a lot of patience on my part. You can see him after his first bath in one of the pictures below.

After he settled in for one month, I enrolled him in beginning group training. By the time the class started he already knew "sit" and "speak". He soaked it up like a sponge, and did extremely well. So, we enrolled him in the intermediate class. Again, he was doing well, until one day. One this day we were waiting for the trainer to come around to each of us, then we'd go back to the pen. As we entered the pen, another person had his dog off his leash. First they stared, barked, then before I knew it the Australian Shepard had my dog's neck in his jaws. Poor Hoshi was wimpering and crying. I bent down to push the dog off, but instead of letting go he reclamped for a better grip and this time bit down harder on his head barely missing his eye. Without thinking I got down and brought my arm up between them and knocked him in the throat making his finally release. He tried to attack again as I huddled over Hoshi. By then the owner had grabbed his dog. The Aussie still didn't want to let up, so I quickly slid Hoshi out the door of the pen in hopes that "out of sight-out of mind" would help calm the other dog down. I examined Hoshi, and he had little puncture wounds on the top of his head that were just then beginning to bleed. The trainer took us next door to the vet and we got him cleaned up on the trainer's bill. He had more scratches on his neck, and they had to shave part of his head. Later at home I found a big scratch down his side.

After the event, the trainer seemed to think he actually seemed more confident. Maybe cause he finally had an owner that proved they wanted him and would take care of him. He's still warry of other large dogs though. But, when introduced properly to well behaved large dogs he does well.

He loves to wear clothes, he jumps into the tub in anticipation of a bath, and talks up a storm. He's very clingy and gets jealous of the cats. He's definitely a "mama's boy" and follows me everywhere. Hard to imagine anyone not wanting him and saying he was a 'bad dog'. He's never so much as chewed on a shoe or bared his teeth to anyone. He wasn't a bad dog, and now he's even better.

About a month before Beau's surgery Hoshi had surgery as well. His wasn't emergency, and we were able to plan for it. It was figuring out what was wrong that took time. I noticed he was having accidents, more and more frequently. That was the only symptom. But it bothered me. I took him to the vet, and figured they'd tell me I was being a hypochondriac about my dog. Turns out he gets Calcium Oxilate Kidney Stones, which are common for his breed. He had to have two large ones removed. His surgery and recovery were very easy. The very next day he acted like he was back to normal. Now we have to prevent the stones from occuring as best we can.

He's a great dog! He's my first dog all my own. The previous two had been family dogs. He loves his kitties too. Him and Beau get along rather well. Trainers, groomers, and doggy sitters who work with all kinds of dogs each day are surprised to hear how he was when we first brought him home. He's definitely come a long way.