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dog Names: huckleberry

Huckleberry is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Jack Russell Terrier

Hiya my name is huckleberry,
i love WALKS and when anyone says walk i go out of control. my best friends are ransom and emma, i like to play with them alot. when i take my best friends pill ( by accident) I get hyper active!!!!!

thunder and loud noises scare me, and when i get scared i annoy everyone!!!! make sure you keep your stuffed animals hidden or i'll just get them and rip the eyes and noses off!!! its fun!!!!! sometimes i run into stuff by accident and then i act like nothing happened. i like to bring my owners presents like rotten fruit, eggs, dead animals,etc.......... i sometims sing to the music. i might look cute like a handbag dog but beware i'm a vicious dog i'll bite you or i'll eat you!!! i love looking out windows and sitting in peoples laps, and when i want someone to rubb my belly, i sit like a human with my belly for everyone to see, i don't lie down i stand!!!!

bye for now!!!!!