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dog Names: iggy

Iggy is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Iggy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Iggy was given to me by a woman who said she couldn't have him in her new apartment. He has turned out to be a real sweetheart. He's loads of fun!

English Mastiff

Iggy has to be THE smartest dog in the world. I never knew a dog could learn things as fast as Iggy. He knows the name of all his toys. He listens to every word you say listening for the magic word "GO". Iggy loves to run really, really, really fast and loves to try and lick toes, for this reason one of his nick names is toe licker, licker of toes. Some of iggy's other nick names include but are not limited to scablet, jiggy, jigglet, Iggers, giggidy, gigglet, igs, I could go on.

Iggy is known as a lover dog, he loves to cuddle first thing in the morning before getting up.. The only thing that truely scares Iggy is Floyd the cat. The rottie pictured is one of Iggy's favorite playmates, Sadie.

Iggy is personality PLUS!!!