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dog Names: isis

Isis is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Siberian Husky

Isis (the name we gave her) was found wondering a Dallas Texas Highway on Christmas Day 2009. She was picked up by a local dog rescue group who we adopted her from. Her Racing name is "Ef Barbour" She is a pure bred racing Greyhound. She is a Red Brindle (color), Born Aug. 3rd, 2005. Racing Greyhounds have tattoos in the ears that identify them so we have been using those to dig up her past. She did race at least at the TriState Greyhound track in West Virginia and was more than likely owned by Freda Tomblin, mother of Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin of West Virginia and owner of Tomblin Kennels. Her last recorded Race was on Aug. 13th, 2007 and she finished in 1st Place! Her father was "Kiowa Sweet Trey" (Top Dog for 2 straight years), her father was an amazing race dog (found out he sire'd over 10,000 puppies with various ladies, He was a highly desired Sire). Her mother was "EF Kay Fortress", but sadly there is no race info on her mother that I can find so far. All of her sisters and brothers raced, most retired early except her brother "Ef Lincoln" is still racing today and doing very well!