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dog Names: jacob

Jacob is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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My Name is Jacob, I had a brother and sister. My sisters people found my people for me,I came from Hickory North Carolina.I am 1/2 Jack russell and 1/2 chihuahua but my heart and manner is all Jack russell. My people came down south from NH to visit friends and those friends had my sister. My new mom had lost a VERY special friend in 2009 and her heart was still very empty even though she had my new brother from another mother.she loved my sister Bella and her mom brought them to see me and my brother who were not in a new home yet,my brother was Edward...starting to sound familliar???? My mom happened to love the twilight series of books and movies...she was sure who to pick...she kinda felt like bella not sure who would be best.She sat on the ground which was hard for her due to several surgeries...but she got down on the ground and said..."Who's your momma"? and I was the one who came running to her...she picked me up and kissed me like crazy and cried very happy tears...I got to sleep that night in a people bed with my new mom and dad and I was the best puppy ever on the long trip back to NH from NC...enough said for now...we are living happily ever after...F.Y.I. I make her smile everyday and I still sleep in the big bed! :D Jacob Black

Golden Retriever

My name is Jacob. I'm a 14 year old Golden Retriever (15 next month!) with Bladder Cancer. I have also lost my hearing, and my Mom got me my new little bother when I was diagnosed a year ago. His name is "Sir Charles" and tomorrow will be ONE year since we have added him to our family! He is my best buddy and keeps me in line when I'm not feeling well or if I'm even the least bit sluggish. I was very incoherent and lethargic before Charlie came along! I still have problems getting up and down, but Charlie has taught me to be more agile and I'm so enjoying him! Mommy is on permanent disability and she is doing her best to sell AVON via the Internet to help pay for my medical attentions. Please pray for me to have a longer life to enjoy with my brother and my Mom. Thank you all! Love to all of you, Jacob, "Sir Charles" and Mommy too!

Great Dane

My name is Jake - I go by Jacob, Cub, Jake Dog, Jaker, Jakey, Pie, and anything else my Mom and Dad can think of to call me. I was 9 months old when my mom adopted me off of Craigslist - I belonged to some people before who weren't very nice to me, and kept me locked in the basement or tied up outside. I had a lot of abandonment issues when I came home, but with lots of love and patience, Mom and Dad taught me how to be a good dog. I'm really good at guarding, and kind of scare people with bark!

When mom brought me home, I had a big sister named Nikki - she was actually my grandpa's dog and the most amazing dog. She taught me lots of lessons about being good. When she passed away, mom got grandpa another dog, who is my good friend, too - he's named Dozer! I was so lonely when mom moved, and that's why she brought home Tyson. My new brother keeps me company during the day, so I'm getting better at being calm... he's a rescue, too, and a really good influence. We like to run around like crazy outside, and then we come in and sleep at night.

I also live with two cats, Ashley and Eddie. They're not as fun as Tyson, but I like to curl up with them when I don't think anyone is paying attention.