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dog Names: johnny+dogg

Johnny+dogg is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Johnny Dogg

Johnny Dogg came to us in August, 2005. He was thin and nervous, but so friendly and appreciative of the least kindness. He was wearing a worn red collar but no tags were on it. He looked to be 1-2 years old, maybe some spaniel, maybe some terrier in the mix, He slept in our garage while I put out flyers with his picture and made phone calls in hopes of finding his home. At the time we had Badger, an elderly JRT, 4 cats and 3 horses, as well as numerous aquariums,so my thought was to find his owners, or, if not that, a new home for him. But there was no response to my efforts. And I am so glad it worked out that way! Now Johnny sleeps on our couch every night. He has appointed himself my "minder" and is always close by in case I need to be defended from whatever. He is a great watch-dog and a dear friend. He was a real comfort when we lost Old Badger to death this past June. He has a new collar with a bunch of tags on it. He's my boy.