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dog Names: joscelyn

Joscelyn is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Chinese Crested

Joscelyn Alexis Komodo Winter-Barnes: Our little snuggle bug and cuddle buddy, born October 29th, 2009. He is ruler of the bed, and curls up all warm and cozy right in between us or on top of us, under the covers. He's half Monkey/Lion/Kangaroo. He's smart as a whip, he learns tricks quickly. His name, Joscelyn, is Old French for "Little Goth" and was a popular male name in the middle ages, as well as a surname. His daddy was a PowderPuff named Timmy, and his mommy was a Hairless named Boston. He's blue, white, and tan tricolor, with one darling blue eye and one soul eating black eye. He sports a fluffy crest, socks, and plume (he used to have a mohican down his back, but we tend to shave it off now so he looks less scraggly). He loves to antagonize his brother Moggie, and play keep-away and hide-the-bones. His nick names include, but are not limited to, Josci, Josc, Joscers, J-Rock Dawg, Josci Jerith the Goblin King, Yoda Junior, Joscicles, and others.