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dog Names: josie

Josie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Josie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hello, my name is Josie and I love everyone! My new owners just recently adopted me from a rescue. My previous owners surrendered me to the rescue, and before that, just left me outside all day and never took me to the vet. It wasn't a very fun life, and I am so happy to have a nice home with a big brother to play with. Flynn is the best!

I'm pretty excitable and you can definitely say that I love life. I really like meeting new dogs of all sizes, and meeting new people. I especially like meeting new kids. They are so nice, and always give me lots of pets and make little squeals over how cute I am.

I love water too, and one time I even dunked my entire head in my water bowl and flung my head around like I was in a shampoo commercial! People seem to think I'm pretty silly, but I just like to have fun. My parents think I am a pretty weird eater too. I like to take a big mouthful of food and then walk away with it, dumping pieces on the ground as I go. Just a good way to find my way back to my food bowl in case I get lost!

Even though it seems I am always going and full of energy and excitement, one of my favorite things is to snuggle up with my owners after a long day of being a puppy.

Featured on The Daily Puppy 12/17/15

Verbal Commands (13): Sit, Down, Off, Come, Wait, Get out, Go upstairs, Enough, Manners, Okay, Stay, Give/Drop, Go away
Hand Commands (4): Sit, Stay, Wait, Pretty
Tricks (2): Touch the bell, Pretty
Other Words: Josie

Pit Bull Terrier

josie is a playful dog that loves sticks. unlike most pitbulls she is not a meat head.

Shih Tzu

I am just getting started here, but here is a little about me...

I am Josie, also known as "Doodles" or "The Doodlebug". Momma picked me out of a litter when I was just 4 weeks old. She drove for hours to come get me and bring me home. Ever since, I LOVE going on car rides! Momma named me Josie because she already had two kitties so it was appropriate to make us "Josie and the Pussycats".

Bella is my "Kitty Mommy" and she taught me a lot, especially how to clean my face like a kitty and crave cat food. MeCe, the boy kitty in the house, is a grumpy old man, but he was no obstacle for me when I came into the house and took over as the "Alpha Pet". He is getting very old now and just keeps to himself and sleeps a lot - I don't think he minded me taking over for him actually. ;)

My profile picture was taken by my Momma on the day I came home. I was 8 weeks old. (I was so cute and tiny!!) I will be 5 years old in January, but have not lost my cuteness, though my hair color has changed a bit and I have gotten a little bigger.

Momma can't have people kids, so I have become her "Canine Kid" instead - and that works just fine for me. I am so lucky to have her as a Momma. Originally she was going to get a Pug, but decided I was too cute to resist. I am her first little dog, and I think I have won her over with my charms. :) In fact, I can be a bit spoiled from time to time, but I do remember my manners for the most part.

I don't always understand other dogs and take a while to make new friends (maybe it's because I sometimes think I'm a kitty LOL!), but I love people. Whenever I see someone (or hear someone) I think they are coming to see me. I love visits from Grandpa, Gramma , Auntie, and Uncle Bud and get so excited I could pee when I see them (and sometimes I do!)

My favorite toys are my Minkies (Monkeys), my Squeaky Carrot and Squeaky Bone, and my Lammydoodle - But I have been known to favor Momma's slippers from time to time as well. Belly rubs are my favorite thing in the world and I could lay for hours having my belly rubbed by any willing person.

I live in Minnesota, or should I say Minne"Snow"ta. I love to eat the snow and spend time bouncing around in the snow drifts. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a snow bunny.

Momma has created a new line of doggie accessories called "Josie's Posies - Pretties for your Pampered Pooch". They are decorative, one of a kind hair flowers that can be used on collars for both dogs and kitties too. I don't like to wear doggie clothes, but I am okay with my hair being tied up and pretty, so Momma was inspired to make them for me. Eventually she'll get around to getting them online to sell to all the pampered pooches and kitties in the world who want to look pretty. ;) Right now she is just happy with selling them to friends and at parties. Momma will post some pictures of my modeling debut sporting them soon. I am currently recovering from an eye injury that I received on my last grooming trip, so I am waiting until i feel better to sit for the camera. ;)

Well, I think that's enough for now - I look forward to making new friends here ~ Thanks for stopping by to visit! :)

Labrador Retriever
Miniature Schnauzer

My name is Josie and I'm the official Baker's Dog! My Mom & Dad named me Josie because I also live with 2 Pussycats (I'm already their Boss too!). I like to bite on things and snuggle at the same time.