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dog Names: justice

Justice is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Justice? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I don't remember much before I came to my people. My human mom says the lady who had my mom and dad was not very nice and just left me with her in a park on the fourth of july. I was only 4 weeks old.
My family took me with them every where they went in purses and pockets. They fed me and gave me water with a dropper every few hours. They even slept with me.
I'm pretty spoiled and I guess I have been most my life. My mom is trying to re train me now cause my human sister was supposed to do it but mom says she did it bad and I am naughty. I don't like being trained cause now i have to do things like sit and wait and i can't jump up where ever i want and now i have to always potty out side. I hope i an done training soon. I have a brother. He is a corgi and his name is Jojo. He has been nice and has been staying with me so i don't get lonely so now he has to get trained wif me, He is a nice brother even if I get mad at him some times.