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dog Names: kobe+joe

Kobe+joe is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Kobe+joe? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Kobe Joe

3yrs. ago, I chose My Mommy and Daddy out of all the Humans that came to adopt us, and now, I am very Content that I did So!. They are 'soooo' easy to manipulate to get what I want. When I was a little guy{now #140}, I graduated from "Puppy Kindergarden" with honors & a diploma! I love to wear hats, socks,hike, camp,swim, spread-eaglel myself on the couch with lots of pillows, & go Bye-Bye-Blazer. My favorite game is "Keep-Away". I'm King Of Frolic in the winter & Captain Of Our Pontoon in the summer. I make it my job to save anyone who thinks they can swim. I dart into the lake, circle them, & save them by having them grab my life jacket. Then I pull them to safety . I love presents, toys that squeek, envelopes, children, small dogs, my cockatiel, Jingles, all cats, even hell-cat "Pumpkin". My favorite food is ice cream, & cheese. My "Girl is Kelly". I love to smother her with kisses. I love my Mommy & Daddy too, but my everday job is to protect my Mommy! I refuse to get out of bed, or into the car unless she goes first! Needless to say, Mommy gives me cookies; fringe benifit for keeping her safe. "Keep those tails waggin". Kobe Joe