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dog Names: libby+girl

Libby+girl is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Libby+girl? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Libby Girl

Hey everyone im Libby!! OR also known as Libby Girl or Libby DO! Those are my nicknames from my mommy!! My first couple of months in this new world were really rough for me. When i meet new people i tend to be really shy at first, just give me a couple minutes and ill warm right up to you though! My mommy fell in love with me when she went with her sister to get my brother Trent! She went home and discussed it with daddy and then daddy came and got me and suprised mommy! Im very close with them,i love to follow them everywhere and i get a little nervous when i have to stay home alone :(

I love to play with all kinds of other pups! Big or small i like you all! :) I also enjoy going for car rides in daddys 1970 Nova with him and mommy! We also go for walks just about everynight and sometimes daddy even puts on his rollerblades andi get to run with him! Chew chew chew on everything i do!! Mommy and daddy get mad when i chew on somethings though. I also really like to chew on my duck that my auntie (mollys mommy) bought for me! I enjoy sleeping on my back in mommys lap so she can rub my tummy and i sometimes even snore! Im just so full of energy all the time!!