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dog Names: littleman+tate

Littleman+tate is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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LittleMan Tate

My little stud muffin. Tate is an adorable 13" AKC Standard Tri-color Beagle. He has been a little belly boy since he came to our home at 5 weeks of age. He has this uncanny ability to come running towards you, flips to his back and slides to a stop at your feet so you can rub his belly. That is all one movement too. It's hilarious. He is so well behaved that he puts himself to bed at night and immediately kennels himself at feeding time. He is a sleeper though. You have to give him about 3-5 minutes to start moving in the morning when you open his kennel. He isn't like our other dogs that immediately run out of their kennels to rush out the door or to drink the Mississippi. Nope, Tate you have to check to make sure he is alive and we've even resorted to dragging him out of the kennel to get him moving. Oh and he can sleep sitting up. It's so funny to watch his head start to drop as he relaxes into sleep. We utilize Tate as a stud dog and he has already fathered 46 puppies and has 4 litters on the way. (avg litter is 6 pups) He's always ready to please and our home would not be the same without him.