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dog Names: lonni

Lonni is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Rat Terrier

Lonnie came to live with us last Monday. She was lost in my yard and the pit bull across the street was coming after her. Scared me, I snatched her up and turned to the pit bull and said.. STOP!!! He/she stopped and went back into their yard.. My new family knocked on doors for over an hour, put me on the lost in indy pet website/facebook site... made signs for the neighborhood and took me for long walks thru a diff part of the neighborhood ea time, seeing if anyone knew me.. Noone has claimed me.. so unless something happens now, I will have a new home. My new family is very happy to have me as I am a very sweet little girl with impeccable manners who loves to give hugs, and I don't bark. My new family is sad though for me coz they know somebody loved me and took good care of me and are probly really missing me.. BUT... for now I have new parents and 2 fursisters and furbrothers.