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dog Names: lotlot

Lotlot is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Shih Tzu

My husband gave my Mom and my younger sister- gift the two cute little puppies. My Mom gave them the name Lotlot(boy) and Lenlen(girl). The two of them got sick because of the insect bites then we brought them to a vet. Unfortunately the meds have bad effect to the two pups. After new year January 2, 2013 we brought them to manila to find a good vet. We found a hospital for animals. Lenlen was treated and hospitalized there sadly she passed away the same day and for Lotlot the vet gave him meds for him to recover. We gave lotlot lots of toys to play. Finally he was fully recovered. Until now Lotlot stays here in Manila.
Lotlot is a very smart, fun-loving, sweet, playful puppy and he loves stuffed toy very very much. If you are holding stuffed toy he will get it from you. Lotlot thinks the toy was for him. He loves to play fetch. When we throw stuffed toy he will fetch the toy and give it back.
Every morning routine waking us up (he barks like alarm clock), then Lotlot give his collar/ leash to wear it to him then go out for a walk and for him to poop. Likes to play hiding toys he can identify the toy that we hide from him. We will tell Lotlot "Where is your toy?", Go get your toy or Go find your toy. Then Lotlot will find it and will give it to us... His habit was playing, sleeping then play again. He likes to play his own tail too.
Lotlot has hernia in his tummy. He moves to much nonstop running and jumping then chasing his ball and we are afraid that his tummy might get hurt. He only stop when he gets tired. Hope you will get better soon.
Thank you Lotlot for having you in our family. We will take good care of you and we will continue to love you as the youngest member of the family.
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Thank you Lotlot.