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dog Names: lucian

Lucian is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Well, I came home with my mommy when I was 3 weeks old. My birth mommy wouldn't nurse me anymore because my teeth were so sharp. My mommy put me on replacer for about 3 more weeks and I decided I didn't want to drink that anymore. I am a big boy! I eat big boy food and i have big boy teeth! I get in trouble because i like to bite everything but it's just so much fun to make a toy out of everything! I learned how to sit on command when I was 6 weeks and my mommy is sooooooo proud of me! I am getting better at my housetraining and have learned to wimper when I need to go potty, sometimes I can't hold it but mommy doesn't get mad at me as long as I wimpered and was by the door. My mommy spoils me but i deserve it. I'm her baby!!!