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dog Names: lucie

Lucie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Lucie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Lucie is my second Chihuahua. She is pure bred, AKC, and I feel so lucky to own these beautiful little dogs.
They make me laugh everyday, and love me unconditionally. I love the looks and the laughs we get when I take them out for walks and rides in the car. Most people in our small town own large dogs, so everyone knows my dogs. They are small-town celebrities.
I would love to use them for therapy in the future and see how many more smiles they can bring.

Toy Poodle

I grew up in a puppy mill in South Carolina, and I had lots of babies who were taken away from me to be sold in pet stores. I didn't like living there and tried to break out of my cage. Unfortunately, that left my teeth in pretty bad shape. I was left at a shelter, then a rescue organization took me to Virginia where a vet checked me out. I was in pretty good shape, but the doctor had to remove my teeth. I lived with my foster mom for a few months and went to some adoption events to find my family. Everyone said I was cute, but no one wanted a 7 year old with no teeth - even though I was house-trained, very well-behaved and so lovable. Then in April I got adopted! I now have a house all to myself and a mommy and daddy who love me and feed me my favorite treat, turkey pepperoni (small pieces, of course)! I get so excited when they come home - even if they just went out for a minute to take out the trash. I love sitting on the couch with them in the evenings and I REALLY like it when they take me to the park!

Yorkshire Terrier