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dog Names: mac

Mac is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Mac, that's me.

Rescued from a shelter and have been lovin' life ever since.

I enjoy lying around on the patio, swiping table scraps, barking at squirrels, and dog life in general.

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Border Terrier

Mac is a boisterous and fun-loving Border Terrier who lives with his littermate Ginger, Gretchen the Boxer and Itchy the cat. He loves nothing better than a good snuggle on any lap he can find. He loves his animal housemates and romping at the park with them and other dogs. He is fond of chasing rabbits but is not very good at catching them; however his lack of talent is well and truly surpassed by his enthusiasm! There is not much that Mac dislikes, except perhaps the really hot weather.


My people found me at a gas station in February 08. I don't know why my old people left me. But I'm with new people now. And my friend Cheddar the border collie. I just hope they don't leave me too. People need to see that we are family members, not old stuff to put out at a yard sale.

Shetland Sheepdog

Mac is always smiling. He loves the snow and eats it like a snow cone. He is a terrific companion and friend. He loves all the other roommates we have. He's just awesome.