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dog Names: mackenzie

Mackenzie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Bow! My name is Mackenzie, I'm a rottweiler mix pup, and I rock! I was adopted out of an animal shelter at the age of 5 months. My mom got me after her beloved dog passed away. I've lived in Chicago, where I felt the coldest winters of my life. Right now I live in Kansas City, where I was born and raised, with my mom's mother and brother b/c she could not take me w/ her to Los Angeles. I wouldn't of liked it in LA anyway, I would've been kept indoors all day by myself w/o any playmates or squirrels to chase. I love it here in KC. I have a big yard to run around in, a nice house as a comfy playground, and people who love and look after me allll day long. My favorite pastimes include barking at jet streams in the sky, chasing after squirrels and birds, and barking at the mailman. My caretakers spoil me like crazy.

January 20, 2009 I was diagnosed with mouth cancer, but that hasn't stopped me! I feel fine. My guardians keep a close watch on me. My diet has now changed, more tailored to my needs. I eat plenty of protein mixed with veggies. All freshly cooked, no more store bought food for me!!! My mom says I eat better than she does now! :) I'm doing well, living one day at a time and loving those around me!