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dog Names: maggi

Maggi is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Basset Hound

I'm Maggi, a sweet, gentle Basset Hound. I'm 12 years old and live with my forever mom. She adopted me when I was just 7 weeks old. I became the love of her life. Well, until my little sister, Marbles, came along. Now we both hold that title. I love my stuffies, but I don't do balls. Chasing after balls just isn't my thing. Mom loves my long ears and big brown eyes. She says I'm adorable and I love her belly rubs, which I get a lot of and biscuits. Yeah, lots of them too. Now that I'm a golden oldie I sleep alot more, but I can still chase a rabbit any time. I don't like getting my nails cut or going to the vet, but mom says I gotta do it. She saiys it has to be done to keep me in healthy. I know she loves me because alway cuddles with me and calls me her sweet baby. I'm a lucky dog and you can always find me right beside my mom.