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dog Names: maggy

Maggy is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Labrador Retriever

I am Princess Magnolia Honey Bear, but everyone calls me Maggy, I am the dog version of a Tom Boy, I love sticks, a chasing balls and digging big holes and getting dirty. I live with my humans and my Uncle Jake (his father is my grandfather). He treats me like I am his baby, as does everyone, including the kitties. They all take care grooming me and giving me kisses.

I have lots of energy and you can set your watch by me (I know when it is time to eat and get up and go out, plus I also know when my human Daddy is coming home from work).

My human mommy works from home and I lay on her feet as I have since I was a puppy and she had my crate next to her desk.
I was born in Vermont 6 miles from the Canadian border.