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dog Names: marlee

Marlee is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Marlee? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Golden Retriever

I am a Golden Retriever puppy and I am WILD! I tore up 2 rolls of toilet paper yesterday. I dug up some of my mom's house plants today. But even though I am a little stinker, My family LOVES me!! I am very smart and very snuggly!

Im 6 months old now and I am calming down some. I havent torn anything up in a week or 2. Well.... not totally ruined anything anyway. LOL.. I am so smart!! I only like to mind my Mom though. For some reason, I just kind of ignore my Dad and my human kids. It aggravates them REAL bad! Ha! My mom thinks its funny.

I am my parents first Golden Retriever. Their big dogs have always been black labs. Although the labs are great and they loved them very much, Golden's are now their most favorite!! She says you cant ask for a better dog for little boys to play with. You cant ask for a better constant companion for my Mom. There is no sweeter or loving dog around!!! We just live and breath to please our parents.