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dog Names: mary+jane

Mary+jane is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Mary Jane

Mary Jane came from a gentleman who had the best of intentions, but simply didn't have the means to care for all the dogs he had. He couldn't stand the thought of his beloved dogs risked being put to sleep at an animal shelter, but he couldn't afford to spay/neuter his pets. So, as the story goes, he had lots of dogs and lots of puppies. Mary Jane was one of the puppies. We offered some information about low-income spay/neuter programs in the area and him possibly entering into a foster program with a nearby humane society for a reduced fee.

Well, when we brought Mary Jane home, she was a well-socialized pup and quite endearing, but she did have some issues that go along with having too many dogs and not enough attention to go around. She had a bit of a flea problem and some intestinal parasites, which were easy enough to address. We also gave her shots, which made us feel much better since parvo is prevalent in this area.

She turned out to be a loveable, highly intelligent pup, who, much like any other beagle, loves to talk. She's not the least bit shy letting you know her feet hurt, that she can't keep up, that she's confuzzled, or simply wants some loving. On the plus side, Mary Jane will bark to let you know when someone new arrives or when she hears something strange.

All in all, she's a great little pup and is learning very quickly.