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dog Names: maui

Maui is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Maui? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Maui was given to a neighbor because she was unwanted. These neighbors let her roam the neighborhood with the other dogs. Maui came up to our house and dogs and befriended them and sort of just moved in.

In 2006, the neighbors black lab, Pearl, was hit by a car and knocked into Maui. Pearl had a broken back leg and Maui got some bad cuts. Both are healthy now but Maui's hair didn't grow back at the cuts areas. (7/29/2012 My neighbor, Pearl's home, says Maui was hit by the car and knocked into Pearl)

The Sunday before Thanksgiving 11/21/2010, Maui got her foot caught in something and tore all the tendons. All of them. She ended up having to have a steel plate/rod and 6 screws to hold the foot bones together. $4000 later you cannot tell at all she had this problem... but... she's not allowed to roam anymore :P She was known at the specialty vet as the happiest dog they've ever seen.

1/10/12 The cold weather does bother Maui's leg some. When she gets up it's stiff.. but she'll still lay on cold ground or the driveway. Hard headed :P

Maui likes to chase and play with my cats, the ones that will let her... or the ones that stalk and attack her :P She loves rolling in grass, ashes, dead animals and the occassional dip in the lake. Maui's best friend cats are Priss, Sheba and Sith.

Nicknames: Dog, d-d-d-dog, Mau-Mau, Maui Puppy Pie.