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dog Names: max!

Max! is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Max!? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Heyy there, my name is Max!! I am a very lucky dog..unfourtanetly my gammy and pop-pop were not dog people..(at all).. but because of my persistent mom; lucy..she talked them into keeping me around..the end result- gammy and pop-pop love me! I now live with my gammy pop-pop aunt nikki who everyone calls flow! my uncle ciccia and uncle michael and of course my mom lucy! i lead a very relaxed yet crazy life any pug can live..during the week my gammy takes care of me..she loves to take walks around the lake with me..even though she is always yelling at me to stop fighting with my leash! and when were not walking were relaxing on the couch watching bad reality t.v, but it is a whole different story when my mom gets home..yeahh she walks me..makes me go chase the ball that she threw!! ( i dont understand why she thinks i like that!) but my favorite thing in the whole world is when we go in her room..she blasts the music and her and aunt flow and I run around till we are so tired we fall asleep where were standing! I am not your regular house dog thats for sure!!