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dog Names: maxwell

Maxwell is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Maxwell? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Maxwell is the best dog anyone could ask for. He's a guard dog, he's a cuddler, he's an alarm clock, and he knows how to make anyone smile. In this picture, we see Maxwell with his "girlfriend" (if you know what I mean), Frog -- a stuffed toy that he got for Easter, equipped with long arms with Velcro on them.


About himself: I was a rescue dog my mom adopted and saved from the shelter at about 10 months old....they aren't positive on my age, but best guesses are close to 4 years old now. However, my mom got with my dad almost 2 years ago and it turns out I'm a total "daddy's boy." I love hanging with Brandon and having "guy time." Much to my mom's jealousy...I've very much become his best friend.

I am a professional sleeper. I sleep at least 60% of the day away and cuddle with those i love as if it is my job. I could honestly care less about all the toys I am bought. I prefer other animals and people to things (in fact out of a handful of tennis balls, I play with one that is so broken it is nearly in two pieces over the other balls). The only toy I truly love is my pink puppy. When mom was broke she gave me a stuffed pink puppy she had from her childhood. I carry this pink stuffed dog everywhere and sleep with it in my arms all the time. It's like my "blanket."

Recently my lovely owners planned their last move to be near a dog run so I could enjoy my socialization and could run free. I LOVE dog park visits!! I go t the DP at least once a day for at least 40 minutes....often more. I love other dogs, but hate when they fight or disagree...I run away.

Generally, my life is all about cuddling, snuggling, and starting "stampedes" at the dog park.


Maxwell is a wonderful little guy. We had some "issues" with him when we first got him a little over a year ago from Mid-Atlantic pug rescue. He is smart and is learning quickly. Lots of these little guys from rescue come with problems from their miserable previous lives.