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dog Names: milli+lilly

Milli+lilly is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Milli Lilly
Basset Hound

I became the guardian of Vanilli on December 17 2006.
I went animal shelter just to see if there was any little dogs,their was none but I said I am here mind as well walk though the kennels.well when I enter Kennel area A it was an uproar of barking and whining that greeted me but in very last kennel was a dog at time all I could see was her back so I said some very fast hello to barking dogs and made bee line for that kennel and well, that back turned out to be a female basset that just recently got spayed that had an very sweet temperament, despite that she came from puppy Mill. I took for short walk and then I said no way she is going back in that kennel I took her home as holiday gift to myself.
Milli Lilly likes getting treats, she loves fruit, veggies, raw eggs, crackers, and fage greek yogurt. she also loves chasing the cats, and playing with her loofah, and her stuff frog.