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dog Names: misha

Misha is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Misha? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Jack Russell Terrier

I was given to my family a week after their beloved dog, Sierra, passed away. I was only 2 lbs and 8 weeks old at the time.

My first year went okay. But, when Grandpa died and we had to move, I got very nervous and did some bad things like chew the carpet and pee in the house. I didn't even like people to hold me.

My "owner" worked with me alot. Eventually, I liked people again. I still shy and it take me awhile to decide to like you. Once I do, I won't leave you alone. I stopped doing the bad stuff that I was doing and behave alot better these days. I still need some work. Sometimes I have a little bit of an attitude, but I keep trying. When my people get mad at me, I try to do something really funny like show them my butt.

I'm a quick learner and know several tricks. I make people laugh when I jump straight in the air 3 to 4 feet high. But, my best trick is that I can sing "Happy Birthday to You". I sing better than anyone in the family!

I will do anything for food and am always looking for more.


I love playing with kitty toy mice, they are my favorite toys of all!! I also love to swim in my water bowl when it gets real hot down here in Florida..... I'm small, I think of it as like my own little puppy pool! I also think the beach is a blast cuz i am pretty good at digging and I can play on the boogie board with my Mom's nephew.

Alaskan Malamute

My name is Misha, and here is my story. Mama didn't much like dogs, as she grew up with only kitty pets. But, when papa and momma met, he wanted a dog very very bad. So, he took momma and momma's daughter to the local pet store...and that's when they met me. Papa got teary eyed when he asked momma if he could have me, and momma's little girl fell instantly in love with me, so momma just couldn't say no...but she did try...hehehe. The pet store said I was 8 weeks old, but the vet said I was no more than 6 weeks old. So, we aren't real sure of my exact birthday, but we celebrate it on Aug.! Now, it is momma who spoils me rotten! When I turned a year old, momma said it was time for me to live outside. However, now that I am getting old, she feels sorry for me, and when I squeez through the doggie door....meant for the little dogs at my house...momma lets me stay inside. It is papa that makes me go back out in the heat...cuz I shed really bad in the summer. Last winter he let me stay inside all winter, cuz I am getting bad arthritis. I hope I can meet lots of good friends on this site!!!


Hi cute pets! I'm Misha and I'm a 5 pound, fluffy, black pom. I'm very attached to my mummy. I love being the center of attention! I like it when my mummy carries me around with her, it makes me feel safe and loved. I love giving kisses and cuddling, it's the best! Sophie and I have a kitty brother and his name is Owen. I have a pink, plush bunny toy that is my favorite in the whole world! My mummy calls it Pinky. Every morning when we wake up, when my mummy gets home from work, and every night before bed, I grab Pinky, jump up on the bed, keep her in my mouth, and push on her with my little paws (there is a picture of me with Pinky!). It's very soothing to me and sometimes I even fall asleep! My mummy's nicknames for me is "Gogo" and "Baby Mees". My sister, Sophie, and I are potty box trained and it's great! I love my mummy!