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dog Names: mookie

Mookie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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American Pit Bull Terrier

My mookie is a rescue dog I adopted at the age of 3 -weeks old . I was living in a apt - my manager brought the puppy to me- said some1 had moved out and left 5-pitt bull puppies in a box - the maintance man found them and took them to the office- she was a friend of mine- and knew I loved dogs and brought him to me- it was love at first sight!

Australian Shepherd

I got Mookie from the Lancaster Shelter in Feb. 2009. He was sick with very bad kennel cough, and eye infection, and terrible ear infection, and his extremely long hair was matted to the skin. I thought I could "heal" him fast, but it took close to 6 weeks and over $1000. He is perfectly heathy now and his hair is growing back (but still not as long as it will be. He is a red-tri color, and looks like a little teddy bear. He does really cute things, like playing in his swimming pool, sitting in the flowers and trying to birds flying by.


we went to the vet on sat 4/4/09 he was 88 pounds, my big baby