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dog Names: ms.anna+nicole

Ms.anna+nicole is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Ms.Anna Nicole
Miniature Pinscher

My name is Anna nicole yep i was named after the late ANNA NICOLE SMITH.Which my family said it fits me to a tea.I'm all about the camrea...i love to ware anything fashionble.Mommy said i was named after her for the reason's when mom saw me she new i was a one of kind doggy and it would take a one of a kind name to fit me.So for weeks and day's i had no just how could a pinner of my beauty not have a name all the time they were calling baby,sweet heart and love here i tought that was my names lol.I love to ware close from day light to dark.i love the higher stuff in said i was a costly doggy from day one...well i will write more about me at a later date..nubby nubzz to all..