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dog Names: muffin

Muffin is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Muffin? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Labrador Retriever

Hello my name is muffin I am a seven year old black and chocolate lab. My nick name is boo and Im my moms bestest girl!! :)I live on a farm where I have been since I was ten weeks old. I was my moms first best dog in which she got to pick out. I had six brothers and sisters but when she saw me she knew I was the one. I love my mom and all my friends here on the farm. I have lots of room to go and play where I want and my flat football is my favorite toy!!!

Miniature Pinscher

Muffin is a very energetic girl with big brown eyes and a bold personality.

When she sleeps, her eyes stay half open and she twitches her little paws.

Muffin loves to play with stuffed animals, but her favorite toy is her yellow rubber ball that lights up when bounced.

When she gets really excited, her left eye looks to the left while her right eye stays straight.

She acts all tough when you first meet her, but after a while you can tell she's a very sweet dog who just wants some love and attention.

Muffin loves to be flipped over onto her back and held like a baby.

To put her to sleep, I quietly sing lullibies to her and rock her in my arns.

Muffin is so cute and I have over two thousand pictures of her already.

When she walks her cute button ears flop up and down.

She love riding in the car with her head out the window.

When she's is hungry or thirsty she drags her bowls out into the living room.

When Muffin wants to go outside, she stands in my lap and stares intensly at me with her eyes open wide.

Muffin can jump high enough to bite my nose (which she has) :D

Muffin is very loyal to me, and gets jelous when other dogs try to sit on my lap.

Muffin is the greatest dog a person can own. . .

Cocker Spaniel