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dog Names: mylo

Mylo is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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French Bulldog
Siberian Husky

My name is Mylo....nickname for "My Love". My Dad thinks Mylo should stand for "My Lord". My mom and dad think i have an attitude. Because as my dad says...I think I'm a 600 pound gorilla...when I'm just a 7 1/2 pound maltese. It's just that I feel the need to protect them from others. I even bark at drivers in other cars when I'm riding with my mom and dad. . My mom feels she needs to remind me that i am not the manager of the universe.

I have 4 favorite words: "Go for a ride". I can always tell when they won't be taking me though. Because while they're getting ready...they start spelling their words out, something about my not going on this one. They think I don't understand, but really I do. Then I start pouting and go into a funk. I'm getting really good at it, because I know how to make them feel guilty, and they end up taking me with them anyway!!

M favorite past time is chasing the cows and the barnyard cats. That's why I love living here on the ranch. I also love running through the mud puddles....something my mom says "she hates it when I do that"...and then while she's cleaning me up she mumbles something about "how can one small little pooch like you get your paws so dirty in such a short time.."

That's about all I have to say about me. Oh....yeah..I almost forgot...I won a spot on a pet calendar, "Pets of Kingwood ,Texas 2008". I was Mr. February. Out of 150+ entries, they chose 12 of us. A professional photo studio took our formal photo for the calendar. Because of my coat, they wanted everything white with a big red heart. My mom picked me up from my groomer, and as we were walking from the car to the studio, I found a mud puddle! I couldn't resist it! My mom was not a happy camper...hee hee.