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dog Names: nacho

Nacho is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Nacho an adorable pug. He love to sleep at night he has to have all his toys on the bed but his favorite is his hedgehog. He loves going for walks. He a special pug he suffers from seizure and is deaf but that doesn't stop him.


Nacho is my 1st Chihuahua. I had been wanting a purebred AKC Chihuahua and happened to be looking in the classifieds and saw his ad. He turned out to be the perfect one!!! The breeders were very kind, informative, and hand raised each one so they were pre-spoiled and VERY social!!! He is sweet, kind and a beautiful boy!!!
They make me laugh everyday, and love me unconditionally. I love the looks and the laughs we get when I take them out for walks and rides in the car. Most people in our small town own large dogs, so everyone knows my dogs. They are small-town celebrities.
I would love to use them for therapy in the future and see how many more smiles they can bring.

Peruvian Hairless