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dog Names: neaka+felony

Neaka+felony is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Neaka Felony

Hi, My name is Neaka, when I get in trouble my owner calls me Neaka Felony! For some reason I get called that quite a few times during the day, Especially now that I am in training! When I was 3 months old I was diagnosed with Parvo and a Intestinal Virus. My owner took me to Dr. Brocksmith and I had to stay there for a few days! finally the last day she came and got me I wasn't doing very good at all, the Dr. Told her I wasn't going to make it but I could go home and be with my Family. My Owner force fed me through a syringe (Beef Gravy) and (Water) I wouldn't eat or drink anything on my own! She did this for me around the clock! Let me tell you I led the pampered life! My family is the greatest!!! Look at me now you can't even tell I was sick at all!!! My sister Isabella used to live down the road from us she wasn't doing well at all her owners didn't take care of her, they didn't feed her or water her she was stuck in a concrete pen out in the sun! My owner seen how they mistreated her and gave them a choice either give her to us or she was gonna to call and report her! Guess what? My owner got her!! She is now in a loving caring home and is leading the life that I live A PAMPERED ONE!!! We are so lucky!!! Check out my sister on here, Her name is Isabella... My owner loves taking pics of me so keep checking back to see how big I get and my progress with training....I added a few new pictures today... My mommy said I am learning to sit so pretty and she is so proud of me.. I got to meet my sister today for the first time since we were split up a few months ago she is getting bigger by the day but she has allot of catching up to do... She will get there though very soon I have faith in her!!!