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dog Names: niki

Niki is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Niki? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Siberian Husky
Labrador Retriever

Nik-A-Pic-A-Nic (Niki) came to us through a Free for Free advertisement in our local paper. I wanted another dog as a companion dog for my Gracie Gorilla Dog. A pure bred Chocolate Lab in the ads caught my eye so off we went to have a look. Niki was 3 and the people said she was to much for them and a runner if she got loose. The real story was she didn't get anough exercise wans't fed enough (only 59 lbs), she stole food from table and counters and her actions with us showed she had been beat. So began the journey to teach Niki that people were good and could be trusted. She is a sweet kind soul. She finally knows she is safe from harm but old nightmares die hard and she still show fear with some people (when something about them sparks a bad memory). She will even cower with us still if we come in and surprise her with a object in our hands. For 9 years she has known nothing but loving words and treatment from us. Niki has repayed us with undying love and devotion. I only wish we were the ones who found her as a puppy and saved her from those first 3 years of ill treatment. As I type this she is at my feet forever my fatefull companion.