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dog Names: ozzie

Ozzie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Alaskan Malamute

I am a rescued pup! My first owners lived in a van in Alaska and couldnt afford to feed me. They were going to have sent to Juneau Alaska to be put to sleep. A friend found me and gave me to my new mom and who i have been with for the past 6yrs.I have a sister named Chuguah who taught me how to be a sled dog and I love it!!! I have golden eyes and the left one has a blue fleck in it. I enjoy days at the beach swimming with my sister! I do not like my picture taken although beautiful when captured on film. I LOVE to have my Bum scratched too! My favorite things to do in my free time are swimming,sledding and digging big ol' holes!


I don't know why I have this name. I got ozzie wheh he was five months, his previous owner was giving him away because she works night-shift and had to put him all day in a small kennel (is was not open), the one that could be carry in an airplane. IMAGINE how he felt inside this small place. A friend told me about it and I went on his rescue he was not close to people and very scare. But he knew that we were going to be his new lovable parents, he saw us (my daughter), and started to lick us all over, he got so happy to see us like he would knew us for a long time. He wasn't house trained and was scared to use a leash. He learned so fast and we love him so much and he knows it too. He sleeps with us and sometimes on our lap he ikes to be hug and kiss. I cannot imagine living away from him. He loves stuff toys and very jealous about us touching his toys.