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dog Names: panda

Panda is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Jack Russell Terrier

My mommy adopted me from the shelter and now I'm her forever friend. I also like to chase my kitty siblings all over the house (though I don't think they like it very much)


i love my mommy <3


I came into this family just around Halloween time, 2002. My first toy was a little pumpkin squeaky. It was almost too big for me to put in my mouth and it actually scared me at first. I was just a tiny little bundle of fuzz when Mom and Dad saw me. They fell in love with me the min. they saw me, but I can't blame them for that. I am rather cute if I must say so myself!
I love to go camping, walking and just being with family. I'm not that happy about going for car rides, unless I can sit in my crate that is. I feel much safer in there.
I'm very spoiled too. Every morning when Dad sits down to eat his breakfast he HAS to give me a little piece of what ever it is that he is eating...or I bark at him. Mom doesn't think I should get any of Dad's food, she just feeds me dog food. So I'm smart enough to know not to bum food from her.
I'm not the bravest of dogs. When someone comes to the house I run into the bedroom and hide underneath Mom and Dad's bed, and bark from there.
I don't have too many pic of me at the moment, due to the fact I don't like to go to work with Mom, she is a groomer. If I go to work with her she always gives me a bath and brushes me out. That is where most of the pic are taken. My room mate Toby loves going to work with her and he gets a lot of pics taken.