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dog Names: pandora

Pandora is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Basset Hound

I'm a lab basset mix. I am darn cute, just ask any human who has met me. ;) I'm one of four kids, and even though I'm the smallest of the group, I have a pretty big personality to "hold my own". I love love love my mom and dad. I especially love that when my mom lets me out, I can hear my wolf friends howl. Although I didn't inherit the infamous Basset howling mechanism, I love to listen to their beautiful melodies. Oh, and a fun fact, the reason why mom named me Pandora, is because I'm pretty curious......I'll probably open a box I was told not to open. hehe

Standard Poodle

I'm Pandora, I go by Dory for short. I am a rescue dog and have been re-homed twice. I like it here, I have 5 kitty siblings to chase (except for Sparky, he scares me), I have 2 puppy sisters and we like to fight like sisters do. I adore my humans, except my mom the pet stylist thinks I need to be her "guinea pig" to try out new styles. Sometimes I look so dorky!