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dog Names: peanut+mohr

Peanut+mohr is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Peanut Mohr
Shetland Sheepdog

I am a very sweeeeet boy!!! I love hangin' with my Mom. I usually follow her everywhere and sit at her feet! I get along with allll dogs... Love to play with everyone! My brother, sisters, and I have sooo much fun! I love it when we play chuck it. It is so fun to take off and even though I know Diego will probably get the ball first, I can still bark (high-pitched), and run along beside him! I like to bite at the ball when Mom is pickin it up with the "Chuck-It"!!! Biscuits are oh soo good, and we got a lot of them in our house. Other than that I am a pretty laid back guy and I just go with the flow. I was blessed with an AWESOME human family and the bestest ani-siblings, so what more could a dog ask for??

*** I always give a +1 whenever I follow my ani-pals... Just lettin ya'll know in case I don't put it in the comments on your profile.