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dog Names: petie

Petie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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American Bulldog

Petie is a american pitt bull he weighs about 80 pounds.he is a big baby that loves attention
most people are scared of him but he is harnless,.Petie loves my grand childrenwhen they are here he stays close by petie is usually right by whatever step i take. he is there.


I drool and slobber alot, and i have nimble paws! I love to raise my paws, i used to even pet my roomie on there head with my paw. When my friend is giving me treat i paw their arm alot. I can be VERY wrinkly
I am sometimes mistaken as a Labrador Retriever.
I try to be a lap dog, if some one is sitting on the floor i sit on their lap/leg! I think i am much smaller then i really am, and i love to chase hands, so if anyone waves waves their hands wildly i chase them and try to nibble on them!
I love to steal toys/stuffed animals from shelves (even wall shelves, i pick stuffed animals myself!) My friend tried giving me a collie stuffed animal, and i wasnt seen playing with it until she saw i ripped off the face. I now trallop (new word! Its galloping for dogs!) with it in my mouth.
I have different looks that i give people, the most famous, the Petie Eye. When I look at people in a puppy eye like way.
Also, my friend would throw a toy/snow in the air and i would jump up to try to catch it, but my friend just loves how i jump. And even sometimes i pick up the toy and throw it in the air and try to catch it