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dog Names: pippin

Pippin is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Peek-a-Poochon !!!!! I have helped save my mom's life ! I love to chase squirrels, look out windows from high spots and go for rides in the car. I live w/ my two brothers: Conan and Frodo. They are Pittbullx Mastiff mixes and my sister Roxie : a Bogle(Boston Terrierx Beagle).
I am a lap dog who loves to farm !!!!!


We were on our way from Colorado to Texas for a wedding. We got lost and were in the middle of no where. With my mother driving and I in the passenger seat she drove past what she thought was a deceased cat on the side of the road. Just as she past she glanced in her side view mirror and saw the cat raise it's head. She told me and I made her turn around. We were on a freeway in the middle of no where Texas and missed the first exit. By the time we circled around a second time the wounded animal had moved from the inclined divider to the shoulder in the shade of an overpass.
She pull over on the right shoulder, I got out and waited for big rig after rig to speed past. When I had a second I darted across the 3 lanes, now about 5 yards from the poor animal. Armed with a towel and a box I called to the kitty so as to prevent it from being startled if I just snuck up on it. As I called out "kitty,kitty" it raised it's head. I knew then this was no cat. I started to go through my mind as to what wild animal it could possibly be. As I edged closer, the animal stood up. I then could see it was not a cat nor a wild animal but a small black dog!
As the dog stood there looking at me I feared then that I would spook it and cause it to run into traffic. I rubbed my hands all over the towel and tossed it near the dog so it could maybe get my sent. I waited for the huge trucks to give a break in the traffic and I slowly crouched my way to it and once upon it I quickly swept it up.
The poor dog was out of it. It was Texas in July. It was HOT. The poor dog was covered in fleas and ticks so had been outside for sometime.
We located the nearest vet using the vehicle's OnStar service. There the vet discovered a gash on his forehead. He cleaned and doctored the wound after bathing and dipping him for the fleas and ticks. We bought a leash and collar there and gave our contact info so that if the owner called looking for the poor dog then they could reach us. With that we took the dog with us. He had long black hair, was small and hadn't been neutered. We had no idea what kind of dog he was. No one ever called so we got him fixed and got all his shots. We found out he was 7 months old and was a LONG HAIR CHIHUAHUA!
Cut to 7 years later and he has been the best dog you could ever want. I love him so much and know we were guided to be together. His name is Pippin.