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dog Names: princess+leia

Princess+leia is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Princess Leia
French Bulldog

I am a very small but strong, blonde Frenchie. My owners say I'm very "fiesty" and have been that way since I arrived in Bend and I lunged at my new brother, "Yoda" and took a bite out of his cheek. My hobbies include peeing (everywhere), farting, attacking dogs much larger than me (especially Yoda), following my owners to the kitchen for late night snacks (dropped by my owners), warm weather ( I HATE the cold, which is why I pee inside and not outside where my owners want me to). I just run right back inside when they stick me outside. I adore LOTS AND LOTS OF ATTENTION and kisses... I really don't like my brother Yoda very much when he tries to get attention too. I DO like my rear gently scratched and premium, organic canned food too. Oh, and I love sleeping on my large queen size bed, even though I have to let my owners sleep on it too since they feed me.