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dog Names: rocko

Rocko is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Rocko? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Bulldog

My name is Rocko. I am an American Bulldog. My legs are still too big for my body so I'm not as graceful as I think I am. I like to jump from couch to couch and run around outside in the snow. I'm very excited to see grass for the first time this summer and go swimming too! I love my kitty sister, Aurora, but she is not so fond of me yet. Maybe when I am older and a little less hyper she will start to love me too. I am also a very spoiled boy and love to make new friends!! My mom and dad take me to daycare when they are both at work so I don't have to be in my crate all day and I get to play with all my friends, I love it there!!

Chinese Shar Pei
Labrador Retriever

I live in Pearland with my mom Tifani, dad A.B., and little sister Shiner. I am very talkative, love lounging in my favorite chair, and I am convinced I am the size of a Chihuahua. This causes some problems when I try to lay in mom and dads laps, but I don't mind!
Nicknames include: Mr. Proper Dog (because I cross my paws when I lie down like a good dog should!), Buddy, Yoda (when I lie on my back- something to do with my ears?), & Rocko Burrito
Oh-- and I HATE to get my paws wet! ...yuck!