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dog Names: rocky+balboa

Rocky+balboa is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Rocky Balboa

Hi my name is Rocky Balboa, but everyone calls me Rocky !
I am so happy to be here and meet all my big bro Scooter's friends and to make some of my brother told me everyone here on Cuteness is very kind and caring and she said that I am going to have lots of fun here , Scooter told me he might let me tag along with him to the fun party's but I will have to go home earlier than him because I am just a little tyke.
I told Scooter just point me to the cute young girls so I can find a girlfriend like he did, his girlfriend's name is Lola Mae and she is beautiful.
I am loving my new mom, she holds me and cuddles me , I give her so many kisses sometimes she laughs and says OK Rocky ! I know you love me.Scooter does not even get jealous he knows that I am just a pup and doesn't mind sharing mom with me.
We play together all day ,most of the time I jump on Scooter's head and he lifts me up and I go flying but I haven't got hurt yet, Mom knows when we had enough play time and she will say OK boys ! time out !
Scooter doesn't know it yet but Mom told me that I am going to be bigger and stronger than him when I grow up. Well Scooter have your fun now, but give me 5 months and I will get the best of you , I love my brother and we are going to be best friends forever and I love my Mom for giving me my brother and a loving and caring home and happy to be here with everyone on Cuteness and Scooter is right, everyone here is so kind and friendly and I just love it here...

Rocky Balboa
Shih Tzu

Likes: Fighting with Cali, making a mess, chewing on anything and everything, sleeping on pillows, having his belly rubbed, eating human food, drinking from the toilet, knocking over the trashcan, annoying the dogs next door.

Dislikes: When Cali ignores him, empty trashcans, an itch on his back, taking baths, going to the vet