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dog Names: sajie

Sajie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Tibetan Spaniel

I'm sajie, and not only do I look like a little lamb but my mom and sissy say I also look like a chipmunk. When I get done eating my food every day, I roll around on my back with my toes up in the air singing "feeling groovy" and my momma says "sajies feeling groovy" because thats what it seems like Im thinking. I have arthritis now, so Im not as graceful as I used to be actually you could say Im quite clumsey. I love to sleep on a pillow on the back top of the couch and sometimes I sleep so soundly I fall right onto the couch cushions. I hate having my toenails cut and it my mom says it sound like someones torturing me even when she uses pedi-paws. I just dont like having my toes messed with hmph
I love my two puppy sisters and my bunny brother. I hope that you think we"re all cute.