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dog Names: sam+eagle

Sam+eagle is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Sam Eagle
Great Pyrenees

Sam is a wonderful, fluffy combo of a couch potato and a supreme guardian! He takes his duties very seriously, too. He loves children and babies (of ALL kinds), and if we let someone in, he will give them every chance to love him up. (After confirming to his satisfaction that they are "okay", of course!) He is always between me and the doors/windows when inside, and watching when outside. Although a bit slower at 10 years, it still wouldn't be pleasant to have all 189 lbs. seriously after you if he felt you threatened his family. But he has never hurt a fly - the most he has ever had to do is "swell up" and curl his lip like Elvis when an Akita tried to attack. The Akita actually slammed on his brakes, locked legs, and left about 6 ft. skid marks trying to stop. Sam never even growled! The Akita's owner and the kennel owner were both so scared the Akita was going to attack... Good boy, Sam!