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dog Names: samus

Samus is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Hi, I'm Samus! My mommy got me as a rescue from a Humane Society foster group. I was 10 weeks old when I went to live with her. A week before she picked me up though, a new litter of pups came in to my foster group and no one knew it but they were sick :(. They also got me sick :( I went home with my mommy on a Sunday, Tuesday I started getting sick and I was at the vet on IV's and fluids until that Friday when I had to leave my mommy and went to the rainbow bridge. Although my mommy only had me for less than a week she was heart broken and cried for days. She did all she could for me but I hear parvovirus has a very high fatality rates among pups like me. She knows though that I love her and that even though I was only with her a week she was my family, something I never had before.